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The Phonak Tinnitus Balance Portfolio makes a difference

Phonak's Tinnitus Balance Portfolio enables you and your tinnitus hearing professional to customize a tinnitus management plan based on sound therapy that exactly matches your unique needs, to deliver day-long tinnitus relief.

The Portfolio consists of three key elements that are essential to your personal tinnitus management plan: Tinnitus Balance hearing aids, a broadband noise generator and further sound therapy via an iOs and Android app. A digital wireless accessory for streaming sound to the Tinnitus Balance hearing aids completes this flexible solution.

Don't be put off by the fact that Phonak tinnitus devices are also hearing aids. They are tinnitus solutions. There is a strong link between tinnitus and hearing loss, which could be so mild that you barely notice it.

Assessment by a hearing care professional, which includes a hearing test alongside the tinnitus analysis, plays a vital role in customizing the Phonak Tinnitus Balance Portfolio to your needs.

Phonak Tinnitus Balance Portfolio



1) Amplification only

2) Amplification plus Tinnitus Balance noise generator or Tinnitus Balance noise generator only

3) Amplification plus Tinnitus Balance App with ComPilot II / ComPilot Air II

4) Combination of 1+2+3

5) Non-aidable hearing loss: Tinnitus Balance App only

Think of the Phonak Tinnitus Balance Portfolio as a multi-functional pocketknife, made up of many useful tools that can be used as and when you need them, for different tasks. Along with your hearing care professional, you choose the solutions that best suit your tinnitus needs, and can switch between these tools yourself as you need to.

Phonak Tinnitus Balance hearing aids

Phonak Tinnitus Balance hearing aids. The treatment of tinnitus includes sound enhancement, sound enrichment and counseling to reduce stress and bring relief. The devices that form the core of the Phonak Tinnitus Balance Portfolio are our Audéo™ Q, Audéo V and Bolero™ V, Audéo Band Bolero™ B hearing aids, all of which feature our unique Tinnitus Balance noise generator. Don't be put off by the fact that Phonak tinnitus devices are also hearing aids. There is a strong link between tinnitus and hearing loss, which could 232A be so mild that you barely notice it.

Tinnitus Balance noise generator

The Tinnitus Balance noise generator is a feature in all of Phonak's Tinnitus hearing aids and uses the principle of sound therapy. It works by delivering sound to the ear that distracts you from the tinnitus you perceive, thereby blending the ringing of tinnitus into the background.

Phonak Tinnitus Balance app

The app is an ideal tool for additional sound therapy support and allows you to select sound from a default list of sounds, or even combine sounds with your personal smartphone music library. A timer option comes in handy when listening to sounds to help you fall asleep. With the Phonak ComPilot, sounds are streamed from the app directly to your Tinnitus Balance hearing aid.

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