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Hearing Technology Innovator 2023
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Two happy girls about 4 years old - one of them has a red hearing aid in her left ear.
For children and parents

myPhonak Junior app for children

Designed to empower children while prioritizing their hearing performance, this children’s hearing aid app makes Remote Support and Remote Control accessible, while Parental Control allows parents to stay involved with their child’s hearing journey. Compatible with Sky L, Naída L, Audéo L, and CROS L.

  • Parental Control restricts unsupervised access to Remote Support

  • Remote Support helps busy families stay connected with their audiologist in a way that fits their lifestyle

  • Caregivers and end users get access to improved wearing time overview

  • Children can customize their settings for school, TV watching, parties, and more

  • Designed for kids 18 years old or younger, with independent use determined by parents and hearing care professionals

  • New theme selection for teenagers

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myPhonak Junior hearing aid app

Empower kids to remotely control their device

Kids can easily and independently personalize challenging hearing environments through a mobile device.

  • Allows kids to control noise reduction, speech focus, and volume
  • Designed to prioritize speech understanding
  • Kids can enjoy flexibility and freedom in any hearing environment

Find support anywhere

Connect with a hearing care professional for additional support—no matter how hectic your family’s schedule is.

  • Features convenient remote video appointments
  • Enables real-time hearing aid adjustments in any environment
  • Allows parents to schedule consultations without having to miss school or activities 

Monitor wearing time progress

Parents and kids can monitor average wear per day to formulate healthy hearing habits.

  • Tracks average wearing time for rechargeable hearing devices
  • Helpful for parents and kids trying to establish consistent aid wear
  • Monitoring wear time can help kids feel a greater sense of ownership of their hearing journey

See at-a-glance device information

Kids and parents can check a variety of status information of connected hearing aids and hearing aid accessories throughout the day.

  • Battery state of charge for rechargeable devices
  • Auto on/out of charger configuration for rechargeable devices
  • Bluetooth® phone call configuration

Have fun with personalization options

Kids can express their personality through the child-friendly app design that features the character, Leo the Lion.

  • Allows kids to choose their name, profile photo, and color theme
  • Includes the ability to rename the hearing aids and choose new colors for the device
  • Helps kids create a sense of ownership and personal connection to their device

Get support that kids can understand

Enjoy kid-friendly device support and help messages. 

  • Features easy-to-understand guidance
  • Uses child-friendly tips and tricks, icons, and FAQs
  • Designed for a child’s knowledge level 

Set parental controls

Parents can secure certain parts of the app to access advanced functions.

  • Allows parents to set a four-digit password
  • Restricts access to Remote Support, Bluetooth® bandwidth, and Auto-On feature 
  • Enables parents be part of the process as their child uses the app
Three Phonak Sky M hearing aids in three different colors: pink, teal, royal blue.

Connectivity and compatibility

myPhonak Junior app can be used on Bluetooth® enabled smartphones and with compatible hearing aids that have Bluetooth® connectivity


myPhonak Junior can be used on Apple smartphones with Bluetooth® Low-Energy (LE) capabilities and with iOS® Version 15.0 or newer, and Google Mobile Services certified Android™ devices supporting Bluetooth 4.2 and Android OS 8.0 or newer.

Hearing Aids

This app can be used with the following hearing aids:


myPhonak Junior

Kvinde, som står indenfor med hendes laptop i hænderne.

Find a provider

Whether you think your child might have hearing loss, you’re seeking answers, or want to start them on their hearing-well journey, we can help you find a hearing care professional near you.

MyPhonak Junior App

Frequently asked questions

Kids can change pre-programmed settings to fit their hearing needs but these cannot be saved for future use.

No, unless parental lock is activated—then you will need to type in a four-digit code to enable your child to access remote support.

Parents and their children can use wearing time data to develop healthy hearing aid habits, but this is the only data available at this time.

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