Your child's hearing aids

Thanks to a range of hearing solutions from Phonak, your child doesn't have to miss a moment of growing up. By acting early, you can give them access to all the sounds of their busy world.

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포낙의 유소아전용 보청기 관련 자료를 확인해보세요.

Planning guide for teens with hearing loss

This guide helps to prepare teens and young adults with hearing loss for the transition to college, university or the workplace.

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How to use hearing aids

Help your child feel comfortable and confident with their new hearing aids and accessories so they can get on with the fun of being young!

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Handling and care

Between school, sports and social activities, your child's hearing aids can face some challenges! Help educate them on the best way to maintain and clean their hearing aids and accessories.

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유소아 보청기 FAQ

유소아용 보청기는 성인 보청기와 어떻게 다를까요? 우리 아이는 하루에 몇 시간 동안 보청기를 사용해야하는지 궁금하시나요? 부모님들이 자주 묻는 질문을 모았습니다. 

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