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Why are Steps and Heart rate not shown in the myPhonak app?

Why can't the user see live Steps in myPhonak?
Visit myPhonak website to see if health features are supported by the hearing aids:
General access as well as access to specific features are hearing aid model dependent. 

If the hearing aids are compatible with Health data, a firmware upgrade may be needed, for example to be able to access live Steps. An alert should pop up in myPhonak if the hearing aids are eligible for the firmware update. This firmware update can be applied when the User visits their hearing care professional next time.

Additionally, to access health features the user needs to login to the app with a myPhonak account.

If Health data is not showing after the app update, we recommend to:
  1. Turn off the smartphone and turn it on again
  2. Uninstall and reinstall the myPhonak app