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Wearing the hearing aids all day but no health data shown in the myPhonak app

Why can't the users see any health data even though they have worn the hearing aids all day?
To see health data in the app, the hearing aids must be connected to the app. Make sure that Bluetooth® is activated on the phone and that the hearing aids are paired with the phone. To pair the hearing aids press "Pair device" in the Home section and follow the instructions. 

To access health features the user needs to login to the app with a myPhonak account. Visit myPhonak website to see what health features are supported by the hearing aid:

If the hearing aids are connected and the user is logged in but still not able to see health data, please open the Profile section, go to "Health preferences", and check if health data tracking is activated. This needs to be turned on to be able to see health data in myPhonak.