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No sound from the TV

I cannot hear any sounds from the TV in my Phonak hearing aids. Has the streaming from the TV Connector started?
If you cannot hear the sound from the audio source (e.g. TV), check the following options:
  1. Verify each hearing aid is working and has a functional battery.
  2. Verify you are within 15 meters or 50 feet of the TV Connector.
  3. Verify the TV Connector has a green light displayed, indicating the device is streaming an audio signal.
  4. Verify the TV Connector is connected to the USB power supply and plugged into a power source.
  5. Verify the TV Connector is correctly connected to the TV via the Toslink or 3.5mm audio cable.
  6. Verify the TV is switched on and the audio signal is not muted.
  7. Turn the television off. Unplug the TV Connector from the USB power supply and the television. Reconnect TV Connector to the USB power supply and the television. Switch the television on.
  8. If necessary, re-pair your Phonak hearing aids aids to the TV Connector by holding down the Connect button located on the back of the TV Connector. You will hear a confirmation beep within 10 seconds indicating the devices are paired.