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How to improve the quality of Health data tracking in the myPhonak app?

Improve quality of health data
Try the following to improve the quality of the health tracking and health data (e.g. Steps, Wearing time and Heart rate) shown in the app: 
  • Make sure that health data tracking is always activated in “Health preferences” section of your profile in the app. 
  • Keep being signed into your myPhonak account to ensure health data synchronization. 
  • Have Bluetooth® activated on phone to synchronize hearing aids with the app. 
  • If using iPhone®, make sure to share location with myPhonak to enable frequent data synchronization in the background (Sonova will not store the location information of the users and will not be able to track them in any way). 
  • Wear hearing aids often. 
  • Put hearing aids in the charger when not in use. The charger must be connected to the wall plug.
  • Keep the phone close to the hearing aids and open the health section in myPhonak regularly.