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Why do Phonak hearing aid batteries drain while they're stored in the charging case?

When I unplug the charger and carry my hearing aids in the charger case, the battery of my hearing aids is draining.
The Auto-On feature is enabled by default on your hearing aids. It means that your hearing aids automatically switch on after being removed from the charger. When you unplug the charging case, the power supply is cut off and your hearing aids act like they were removed from charger case. Remember to switch off the hearing aids manually after unplugging the charger. 

Phonak Charger Case go has an internal battery. When the charger is disconnected from the power outlet, it will continue charging the hearing aids until the internal battery is empty.  
The hearing aids stored in the charger will switch on automatically when internal battery of the charger runs out of power. In this situation, turn off your hearing aids to prevent discharge or plug your charger to the power outlet. 
The Auto-On feature can be deactivated by your hearing care professional or in the myPhonak app settings: 
1. Open the myPhonak app 
2. Tap on “Devices” 
3. Tap on “Auto-on” 
4. Enable/disable “Auto-On” by moving the slider.