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Can I use Phonak hearing aids in the airplane?

Flight mode
Yes. If requested to set all devices into flight mode, follow these steps to set Phonak hearing aids into flight mode.

Note: Entering flight mode will not disable normal hearing aid functionality, only the Bluetooth connectivity functions. When your hearing aids are in a flight mode:
  • streaming does not work.
  • there is no connection to myPhonak app.

Phonak rechargeable hearing aids
  1. Switch off the hearing aids by pressing and holding the lower part of multi-function button for 3 seconds until the solid red light indicates the hearing is off.
  2.  Your hearing aid is now switched off.
  3. Now, press the lower part of the multi-function button for 7 seconds until the solid orange light appears, then release the button.
  4. You entered now the flight mode.
  5. To exit the flight, mode switch your hearing aids off and then on

Phonak Zinc Air battery hearing aids
  1. Press the lower part of the button for 7 seconds while closing the battery door.
  2. You entered now the flight mode.
  3. To exit flight mode, simply open and close the battery door again.