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Connecting Phonak hearing aids to a Bluetooth landline phone

How can I connect my Phonak hearing aids to a Bluetooth landline phone at home?
Phonak hearing aids can be used as headset with any phone as long as the phone provides the Hands Free Profile (HFP), this includes landline or cordless phones (e.g. DECT standard).
  • Follow the instructions included in your landline telephone’s user manual.
  • First open for 5 seconds and then close the battery door, or for rechargeable models switch the hearing aids off and on again with the multi-function button to place the hearing aid in pairing mode.
Please note: Many (older) landline phones only support older Bluetooth versions < 2.1. Also, they often do not provide HFP but only HSP (HeadSet Profile), which will not work with Phonak hearing aids. Please check your phones Bluetooth specification in the data sheet or user guide.