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Why are my Phonak hearing aids beeping when watching TV with the TV Connector?

Phonak hearing aids beep every time a new connection is established to the Phonak TV Connector.
Cause of the repetitive beeps:
  • If you are further away than the maximal AirStream™ technology (approximately 15 meters) the connection may be lost. Depending on the environment, this may be less or more. If you stay around that range, it may cause several connection and disconnection events, resulting in several beeps.
  • It may also happen that another person switched on the TV while you are e.g. in another room and the TV Connector starts transmitting.

This is how you can prevent unwanted beeps of your Phonak hearing aids:

  1. You may ask your hearing care professional to turn automatic program switching off during your next appointment.
  2. To prevent unwanted transmission from the TV Connector to your Phonak hearing aids, you may switch off the TV Connector and do not forget to switch it on again if you want to watch TV.