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Which batteries can I use with my Phonak hearing aids?

Battery types compatible with non-rechargeable hearing aid models


Phonak Model
Zinc-air battery sizeColor marking on packageIEC codeANSI code
Audéo L-312312brownPR417002ZD
Audéo P-312312brownPR417002ZD
Audéo P-13T13orangePR487000ZD
Audéo M-312312brownPR417002ZD
Audéo M-312T312brownPR417002ZD
Audéo M-13T13orangePR487000ZD
Bolero M-M312brownPR417002ZD
Naída L-SP13orangePR487000ZD
Naída L-UP675bluePR447003ZD
Naída P-UP675bluePR447003ZD
Naída M-SP13orangePR487000ZD
Sky L-UP675bluePR447003ZD
Sky L-SP13orangePR487000ZD
Sky L-M312brownPR417002ZD
Sky M-M312brownPR417002ZD
Virto P-312312brownPR417002ZD
Virto P-312 NW O312brownPR417002ZD
Virto P-10 NW O10yellowPR707005ZD
Virto P-Titanium10yellowPR707005ZD
Virto M-312312brownPR417002ZD
Virto M-312 NW O312brownPR417002ZD
Virto M-10 NW O10yellowPR707005ZD
Virto M-Titanium10yellowPR707005ZD
Terra+ RIC-312312brownPR417002ZD
Terra+ BTE-M312brownPR417002ZD
Terra+ BTE-SP13orangePR487000ZD
Terra+ BTE-UP675bluePR447003ZD
Terra RIC-312312brownPR417002ZD
Terra BTE-M312brownPR417002ZD
Terra BTE-SP13orangePR487000ZD
Terra BTE-UP675bluePR447003ZD


Please note: Zinc-air hearing aid batteries use air as an energy source. The tab on the battery seals the air holes to keep the battery from being activated. Once the tab is removed- it takes approximately two minutes before the battery is fully activated. At this point- you can insert it into the battery compartment of the hearing aid and close the battery door. Inserting fresh batteries without letting them breathe might prevent your hearing aids from starting up correctly and shortens the lifetime of the battery. If you do not use your hearing device daily- remove the battery to prevent possible leakage from damaging the device.