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Insurance and Healthcare

After hearing loss is diagnosed, the next thought is how do patients learn to adapt and thrive. How can patients be supported while learning to live with hearing loss? Regardless of patients’ ages, insurance coverage and healthcare play an important role in accessing support for hearing loss, including access to devices which include hearing aids. As a hearing care professional, we know that supporting your patients is utmost important to you.

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Regulations when counselling patients

When counselling patients on what hearing aids are available, there may be regulations in effect. These regulations may directly impact the patient’s experience with hearing aids. Some payers will only cover specific models while other health insurance may cover a percentage of the cost. Whatever payer is involved, access to Phonak’s store can provide support as to what insurance will cover.

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Easy Ordering

As a partner with Phonak, you have access to support for your business, such as our online store, a hub where you can access information vital to your clinic, including:

  • Pricing
  • Look up warranty status on Phonak products*
  • Invoice payment
  • Check order status, history and related documents*
  • Tracking numbers for orders
  • Insurance coverage status
  • Account Information
  •  Support
  • Contact Information
  • Download images and logos for promotional purposes
  • Instantly share evidence and literature with clients and colleagues
  • Access specialized marketing information and tools*
  • Order Products through our online store*

* Requires your company's Phonak contract administrator to set up Advanced Access and enable permissions on your account.

Benefits to Phonak’s online store

As a part of Phonak, our online store can help streamline your clinic. From providing details about warranties, marketing support, checking order statuses and more, our online store is a fast and convenient way to place orders. The online store is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even holidays and weekends. When placing an order online, you will have access to order history, supporting documentation, delivery estimates, fast shipping and increased order accuracy. While using our online store is one option, orders can also be placed over the phone and using forms that are mailed in.

Partnering with Phonak

Not a Phonak Partner yet? To become a partner please contact your Phonak Representative or call 800-777-7333.

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Why should my practice partner with a Third-Party Referral Network (TRPN)?

Managed Care – an opportunity for growth



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