Welcome to a teen’s world

Staefa, Switzerland

Can hearing solutions stream music? Can I do outdoor sports no matter the weather? Teens want to know all about the latest hearing technology and what it can do for them. Because a teen’s world is a different one, Phonak presents the first microsite tailored to the needs of teenagers with hearing loss.

Surveys have shown that hearing impaired teens see themselves as normal teens who happen to have hearing loss. They love to be active in sports, music, and other fun activities like any other teenager. They expect their hearing aids to allow them to do whatever they want to do without being limited by their hearing loss.

Teens want to get connected

Can my hearing solutions stream music? Can I chat away with my friends in a club with the music on at full volume? Teens want to know all about the latest hearing technology and what it can do for them. “Their primary sources of information are the hearing care professionals, but hearing impaired teens also love getting connected with others in the same situation. This is why we have introduced a microsite dedicated to teenagers, offering them all the information they seek and a platform for interacting with their peers”, says Maarten Barmentlo, Group Vice President Marketing of Phonak. “Through hooks like music, sports and social life, the microsite shows them what difference hearing technology can make in their lives – in all the situations they want to enjoy to the fullest with their friends”.

Music to your ears

Teenagers just love music and it is an important aspect of their lives: Listening to their favorite tunes, going to concerts or parties with friends is a crucial part of their social life. This makes music the first hook for the new Phonak teenager microsite: A short, engaging video shows how Phonak Sky Q and Roger can give them a music experience that seamlessly integrates with their everyday social interactions like never before – all heard and seen from a teen’s perspective: A girl uses Roger to listen to music on her MP3 device through the Roger Pen. The girl then calls a boy on the phone and uses Roger to hear the conversation of setting up a date at a dance club. Later in the club, the girl uses hearing aids to hear in the club and hands the Roger pen to the boy. She is now able to chat with him even in these loud surroundings. And can enjoy going out and party like any other teenager.

A number of interactive elements, including a playlist of songs that sound great with hearing aids, a Phonak Sky Q and Roger color customization tool, and an “Ask your audiologist” tool make sure teenagers get the most out of the microsite, according to their individual preferences and needs.

The microsite is available in English under www.bringsoundtolife.com. Other language versions will follow.