Tinnitus Training: Recognized experts provide latest insights and treatment guidance

Staefa, Switzerland
Tinnitus Training: Recognized experts provide latest insights and treatment guidance

On May 15 and 16, more than 60 participants came together for a Tinnitus Background Training at the Phonak headquarters in Staefa near Zurich. Recognized key opinion leaders with regards to tinnitus and audiology, including Magdalena Sereda from the NIHR Nottingham, David Baguley from the University College of London, and Drs. Newman and Sandridge from the Cleveland Clinic presented the latest research on assessment and treatment options to the attendees from all over the world.

Four out of five people with tinnitus are also affected by hearing loss.* However, tinnitus is still a field with a wide range of opinions with regards to the care path for patients. This is why Phonak decided to bring together experts on tinnitus and audiology from around the world for an update on the latest in the area of tinnitus, including the psychological basis, the treatment options and their success.

The meeting was kicked off by a speech on The Neurophysiology of Tinnitus by Magdalena Sereda, NIHR Nottingham Hearing Biomedical Research Unit, followed by Dr. Newman from the Cleveland Clinic’s Tinnitus Management Clinic (TMC) who spoke about Tinnitus Evaluation. Dr. Newman has developed one of the top methods for determining tinnitus severity and the effectiveness of the treatment. He provided deeper insights into this method to the attendees.

Dr. David Baguley, from the University College of London, presented various treatment options for tinnitus patients, and was followed by Drs. Newman and Sharon A. Sandridge, who presented the Care Path for Patients with Tinnitus at the Cleveland University, including the interdisciplinary evaluation and counselling approach that involves five specialties (audiology, dentistry, neurology, physical therapy and psychology) to demystify tinnitus, educate patients and promote habituation.

“We have long been dedicated to provide solutions to those affected by tinnitus and hearing loss. Tinnitus is a very complex field, and there are still a lot of myths when it comes to the treatment of tinnitus and hearing loss”, says Maarten Barmentlo, Group Vice President Marketing for Phonak. “We are proud to bring together some of the most renowned experts in the world for our Tinnitus Background Training. These valuable insights will allow us to develop even more effective tinnitus solutions, bring them to the markets and help more people affected by tinnitus to ease their suffering.”

The Phonak Tinnitus Balance Portfolio
Audéo Q, the latest RIC (Receiver in Canal) solution by Phonak for mild to severe hearing loss, is available with a dedicated Phonak tinnitus solution that supports a variety of tinnitus management approaches. The “built-in” Tinnitus Balance noise generator is designed to reduce the annoyance of tinnitus especially in quiet environments. The characteristics of the noise generator can be adjusted to meet the specific therapeutic and comfort needs.

Supported by the Tinnitus Balance noise generator and the Tinnitus Balance App, Audéo Q covers essential tools to support hearing care professionals in their individual tinnitus management philosophies.

* Axelsson A, Prasher, 2000