Phonak Bolero V: A new level of performance

San Antonio, Texas / Staefa, Switzerland
Phonak Bolero V: A new level of performance

Decades of BTE expertise meet the latest Venture technology: Phonak Bolero V, packed in an aesthetically appealing design, provides a seamless listening experience in every listening situation. The IP671 rated Phonak Bolero V is water resistant and dust tight for extra durability. Covering a wide range of hearing loss levels, the three new Phonak BTE models, available in four performance levels, now come with an integrated Tinnitus Balance noise generator and easily connect with the entire Phonak Wireless Communication Portfolio.

“With the introduction of Phonak Bolero V, we continue to roll out our cutting edge Phonak platform, this time packed in a small and robust new BTE design”, says Martin Grieder, Group Vice President Phonak. “Hearing aid users can rely on excellent sound quality and speech understanding in every listening environment. This means more confidence and freedom to live your life to the fullest, whether you want to spend time with friends and family or enjoy the pleasures of nature.”

Phonak Bolero V runs on AutoSense OS, the central brain of the new Phonak Venture hearing aids. It captures and analyzes incoming sound and can draw on over 200 settings to match the sound environment exactly and to seamlessly provide the best setting for that environment – with no manual interaction required and with 30% less battery consumption than the previous hearing aid generation.

“Since having Phonak Venture hearing aids, I can hear people and the music better”, says Julie Horne from Nottingham, England. “Lots of my friends have commented on how my confidence is coming back and how I can just join in a conversation. Music-wise, it just sounds so much nicer, like it did when I was younger.”

Wide range of Phonak wireless accessories offer boost in performance

The comprehensive Phonak Wireless Communication Portfolio makes watching TV, listening over larger
distances and receiving phone calls with Phonak Bolero V even easier. Phonak EasyCall connects any Phonak wireless hearing aid to any Bluetooth enabled cell phone. Permanently attached to the back of the phone, it streams the conversation directly to both hearing aids in unmatched sound quality. Phonak Bolero V is also compatible with Phonak CROS II, the latest generation of the proven Phonak single-sided deafness solution.

Bolero V will be available with immediate effect.

Bolero V highlights

  • Three models – a streamlined product offering serving a wide range of hearing loss levels
  • Newly designed housings – made from high-tech, light-weight composite materials for comfort and extra durability
  • Smallest IP67 rated Phonak BTE – all models are water resistant and dust tight to ensure extra robustness and reliability
  • AutoSense OS – the next generation of technology automation for seamless adaptation to the wearer’s listening situation with unrivalled accuracy and precision
  • Tinnitus Balance noise generator – Flexible tinnitus solution for the first time with Phonak BTEs
  • Phonak Support App – used on the go and helps new users get the most from their Phonak hearing aids
  • Phonak EasyCall – connects any Phonak wireless hearing aid to any Bluetooth enabled cell phone

* IP67 indicates that the hearing aid is water resistant and dust tight. It survived immersion in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes and 8 hours in a dust chamber as per IEC60529 standard. No traces of dust were evident within the housing.