Phonak Virto Titanium / Phonak cShell Titanium

Dear loyal Titanium customer,

Your Titanium device (ITE/cShell) has been successfully repaired. There have been some reports of CeruStop wax guard systems coming loose from the titanium shells with frequent replacement. We have proactively addressed this on your behalf and improved the overall build quality.

  • The improvement consists of a new Titanium shell and a two layer gluing process for the CeruStop wax guard system (see the marked area in green, no permanent skin contact for most ear canals)
  • The sealing layer contains a small amount of acrylates from adhesives
  • Please note* - people who are highly sensitive to such substances may potentially be at risk of an allergic skin reaction
  • Please stop using the device immediately if such a reaction occurs and check with your hearing care professional or physician
*Warning: The device surface can contain small quantities of acrylates from adhesives.


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