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Phonak AutoSense OS – This intelligent operating system is the brains of your hearing aids. It means that the hearing aid seamlessly fits into your life whatever listening challenges you face. How a hearing aid works

Audéo V

Unmatched accuracy, infinite precision
The intelligent Audéo V hearing aid is powered by our new, cutting-edge AutoSense OS. This comes in a style called Receiver-In-Canal (RIC). It marks the next generation of hearing aids for seamless and effortless listening experiences in even the most challenging listening environments.  more

Virto V

Audibly big. Visibly small.

The Phonak Virto V Custom Product family is designed with you in mind. Individually crafted and tailored to your hearing needs, Virto V automatically adapts to your specific listening situation and allows you to better understand speech.

Designed to fit perfectly into your ear canal for ultimate comfort, there is no other hearing aid this small, capable of this much performance.  more

Bolero V

Phonak Bolero V

The Finest in Performance and Reliability
Phonak Bolero V Behind-the-Ear (BTE) hearing aids feature our latest high-performance technology and are designed to provide you a seamless listening experience, even in the most challenging environments. In an appealing and robust design, Bolero V is available in four performance levels and offers a wide choice of colors to either blend in or stand out from your hair or skin tone.  more


Phonak CROS II

The smart solution for single-sided deafness

With CROS II, you will immediately feel included in a conversation, regardless of the situation. Whether at dinner with friends or in a meeting at work, you don’t have to position yourself so that everyone sits on your good side.  more


Lyric - almost invisible hearing aid

Invisible. Effortless. 24/7.
Phonak breakthrough hearing aid requires no handling at all and remains in your ear 24/7. And the best thing is: no one can see how well you hear!  more

Sky Q

Exclusively designed for kids
All four models are resistant to water, sweat and dust, making them perfect companions for active explorers. The new engaging range of Mix & Match colors ensures that children will have technology they will love to wear.  more

Bolero Q

Phonak Bolero Q - Behind-The-Ear Hearing Aid

Proven performance
Phonak Bolero Q offers a host of unique features designed to enrich the listening experience in your day-to-day life. These state of the art Behind-The-Ear hearing aids suit your individual lifestyle and hearing needs.  more

Naída Q

Life-changing power
If you have a significant hearing loss you know what a huge impact improvements in audibility can have. The superior technology in Phonak Naída Q hearing aids takes a big leap forward in innovation that can be life-changing.
When you are surrounded by loud noise, or trying to listen over distance, use the new Roger technology in combination with your hearing aid(s).  more

Virto Q

Phonak Virto Q - In-The-Ear Hearing Aid

Virtually invisible
We are proud to present our range of custom made products, Phonak Virto Q. With the perfect balance between performance and cosmetic appeal these products range from small to invisible, suiting your individual lifestyle and hearing needs.  more

Audéo Q

Small package. Big performance.
Phonak Audéo Q delivers great sound quality and performance where it matters most, in the most difficult listening situations. It is designed for ultimate discretion and wearing comfort.


Phonak CROS - Unique Solution for Single-Sided Hearing Loss

for Single-Sided Deafness
Phonak CROS can be a satisfying solution for you, if you have hearing in one ear only, regardless of whether you have a hearing loss in this ear or not.  more

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