Junior Care Kits

Ideal for children 0-5 years of age

  • Adjustable/ removable shoulder strap
  • Flip open “ear” pouch on both sides
  • Cool colors & playful design

Inside each care kit:

  • Junior clip
  • Drying capsules
  • Battery tester
  • Stickers
  • Air blower
  • Drying beaker
  • Listening tube

Junior clip

Holds the hearing aids to clothing should they fall down

Kids bag only!

Drying capsules

2-pack of capsules that go into the drying beaker to dry aids over night

Battery tester

New version of battery tester, handy & convenient


Every Junior Care Kit arrives with 2 sheets of fun and colorful stickers in different sizes and shapes to stick onto the hearing instruments or elsewhere. They make hearing instruments colorful and give them a personal touch.

Ideal for children 6-12 or older

  • Adjustable/ removable shoulder strap
  • More discreet hip design

Air blower

Efficient cleaning of the earmold

Drying beaker

Dries aids over night with drying capsules

Listening tube

Allows parents to check if the aids are working properly