Using Phonak TVLink S

How it works
The TVLink S basestation is connected to the TV and transmits the TV audio signal wirelessly to the hearing aids via the Phonak ComPilot.


TVLink Legend

Getting to know your TVLink S basestation

TVLink S basestation elements.  more

TVLink connecting the cables

Connecting the cables

How to connect the TVLink S basestation to the TV set.  more

In case of connectivity problems

In case the TV system does not offer analog audio signal outputs a D/A converter is needed to connect the TVLink basestation to TV properly.  more

TVLink pairing

Pairing the TVLink once with the ComPilot

If you received the ComPilot and the TVLink S basestation together in the complete TVLink S package, ComPilot is already paired with the TVLink S basestation.  more

Daily Use

TVLink watching TV

Watching TV

After the initial setup, the streaming of the TV audio signal starts automatically once the devices are switched on.  more

TVLink Volume Control

Volume control whilst TV watching

It's easy to control the volume whilst watching TV.  more

TVLink pause and resume

Pause and resume TVLink streaming

The ComPilot main button is used to pause and resume the TVLink streaming.  more

TVLink Telephone

TVLink and phone calls

If ComPilot is paired with a cell phone, phone calls can be received, even when watching TV via TVLink S.  more

Charging ComPilot through TVLink S basestation

To charge ComPilot, gently plug it into the charging slot of the TVLink S basestation.  more