Phonak TVLink S

The Phonak TVLink S basestation works with the ComPilot to turn any Phonak hearing aid into a wireless TV headset with a range of up to 30 meters/100 ft.

It offers stereo sound quality for easy understanding of the TV programs, and listening in comfort without affecting the TV volume for other people in the room.

When to Use It

Watching TV, listening to HiFi, etc.

Experience TVLink S

Watching TV Daily

Make sure to switch on all devices and to wear the ComPilot around your neck with both neckloop plugs plugged in completely, as shown in the movie.

The streaming will start automatically.

Product Details

  • Up to 30 meters (100 ft) transmission range.
  • Digital volume adjustment with audio-visual feedback.
  • ƒƒLarge buttons for easy operation.

What is it Used With?

Phonak TV Link S is used in combination with the Phonak ComPilot – a streaming device that transmits the audio signals from the TV or any other audio source to the hearing aids.