Phonak RemoteMic

The RemoteMic is a quick and easy way to enhance one-to-one conversation in noise and over distance.

It is clipped onto the speakers clothing and sends his voice wirelessly to the hearing aids via the Phonak ComPilot.

The volume of the hearing aids is automatically turned down while the RemoteMic signal is being received.


When to Use It

  • One-to-one communication in noise and over distance.
  • In smaller meetings.

Experience RemoteMic

Daily use of the RemoteMic

Make sure to switch on all devices and to wear the ComPilot around the neck with both neckloop plugs plugged in completely, as shown in the movie.

The streaming will start automatically.

Product Details

  • Bluetooth based.
  • Battery powered and rechargeable.
  • Lightweight (13g).

What is it Used With?

Phonak RemoteMic is used in combination with the Phonak ComPilot – a streaming device that transmits the speaker's voice to the hearing aids.