Phonak PilotOne

The Phonak PilotOne II is the easy-to-use remote control for clients with Phonak Venture hearing aids. It adjusts the volume and program settings of the hearing aids with 4 simple buttons: Home, Volume up, Volume down and Program.

This remote control was designed for maximum impact and ease of use. Its clever simplicity and ergonomic design make it very user-friendly.

When to Use It

Discreet and easy selection of the hearing aid volume and program.

Product Details

  • Volume and program control buttons.
  • "Home" button to return to the startup settings.
  • Direct access to program of choice with a long press of the home button.
  • Additional microphone attenuation with a long press of the volume down button.


  • Phonak Pilot One II is compatible to all Venture hearing aids.
  • Phonak Pilot One is compatible to Spice, Spice+ and Quest generation hearing aids.