Phonak myPilot

myPilot is an advanced remote control that offers one-touch binaural program and volume control.

Discreet control and easy access to change settings provides reassurance for the hearing aid wearer. The full color display makes myPilot really easy to use.

When to Use It

Discreet volume and program selection.

Experience myPilot

Two modes adapt to different needs

Standard mode

The standard mode gives full information about program and volume settings including program names and iconic pictures.

Direct Control

The direct control mode assigns hearing programs to dedicated myPilot buttons for a direct control without having to look at the display.

Product Details

  • Full-color display.
  • Separate left/right volume adjustments.
  • Access to ZoomControl for focused listening in any direction.

What is it Used With?

myPilot is a standalone solution. The accessory needs to be programmed by the hearing care professional.