Innovative technology, dedicated hearing care professionals and the close support of family are essential to help children with a hearing loss reach their potential.

 Phonak pediatric solutions go beyond just a hearing aids, but also encompass wireless accessories, making communication possible in even the most challenging of situations. Learn about solutions for your child by age

Hearing Aid Solutions for Children

Phonak Sky Q – The latest family of hearing aids designed for kids. There is a Phonak Sky Q hearing aid for almost all hearing losses, communication needs and personalities. They utilize state-of –the-art technologies that allow a child to hear more of the important speech sounds, on the phone, in windy situations or at a restaurant, in a device that is fun to wear.

Phonak Audéo Q – A fully featured family of Receiver-In Canal hearing aids that fit most loses are perfect for a cosmetically conscious teen. Their wireless capabilities allow them to be used with a variety of accessories making it easy to connect and communicate.

Wireless Communication Solutions for Children

Phonak Wireless Communication Portfolio

Roger – The perfect companion system to any hearing aid for better understanding in noise or over distance. This digital wireless microphone and receiver combination connects easily and effortlessly, so that your child can hear someone as if he or she is next to them, even when they physically aren’t.

Wireless Communication Accessories – Many situations can pose a listening challenge so that sometimes even the most advanced hearing aid technology needs a boost.

With our wireless accessories, your child can communicate more easily and connect to today’s audio technology, such as cellphones, Bluetooth devices, MP3 players and TVs.

 Phonak Wireless Communication Portfolio

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