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Understanding. Surpising size and looks. Best value for non-wireless performance.

Degree of hearing loss

Phonak Dalia Styles & Colors

Discreet no matter what style you choose.

Phonak Dalia is available in 17 colors

Custom In-The-Ear

Custom In-The-Ear (ITE)

In-The-Ear is the smallest hearing aid style available for Phonak Dalia.

micro Behind-The-Ear

micro Behind-The-Ear (micro BTE)

These models are smaller than standard BTE models and are available in many different colors.


Behind-The-Ear (BTE)

Best choice for many situations. These hearing aids combine style, power and functionality.

iF Design Award

Phonak hearing aid wins iF product design award 2011

Good Design Award

Phonak stands out once again for its excellent product design.

FM Solutions

Dynamic FM offers a family of exclusive features that work together to ensure excellent sound quality and ease of use; helping you hear more clearly and easily in noisy situations than ever before.  more

FM Receivers

Phonak Dynamic FM receivers offer industry-leading sound performance and features, while design-integrated receivers ensure the hearing aid's svelte shape and clean lines are retained.  more


Design-integrated Dynamic FM receiver

Miniature, design-integrated Dynamic FM receiver for the Phonak Bolero Q-M13, Nios S H2O, Naída S CRT and the M H2O models of Phonak Ambra, Phonak Solana, Phonak Cassia and Phonak Dalia hearing aids.  more


A miniature, design-integrated Dynamic FM receiver for the microP and SP hearing instruments of the Phonak Ambra, Phonak Solana, Phonak Cassia and Phonak Dalia product families.  more

FM Transmitters

Designed for all types of listening environment ─ from the home or classroom to restaurants, outside and even in the car ─ Dynamic FM transmitters are built using cutting-edge FM technology, very easy-to-use and fully backwards-compatible with traditional FM systems.  more

More FM Solutions

  • MyLink+ - Bringing Dynamic FM to T-coil hearing aid users
  • MLxi - Universal Dynamic FM receiver
  • inspiro - Discover Dynamic FM
  • SmartLink+ - Nothing less than the very best
  • ZoomLink+ - Bringing the sound you want directly to your ears
  • EasyLink+ - Making any conversation easier to follow

Phonak Dalia fitting range

Phonak Dalia fitting range covers mild to profound hearing losses, regardless of audiometric configurations.

Choose to understand everywhere

Phonak offers a host of new proven high-performance features for most delightful hearing, everywhere, every single day.

WaterResistant solutions

The Phonak M H2O series is for people with a mild to severe hearing loss who are interested in high performing, highly reliable and discreet hearing aids. These products are water, sweat, moisture and dust resistant!
This means that you can embrace the unexpected joys of life with care-free confidence instead of planning your life around them!


Enjoy a fuller spectrum of audible sounds.
This feature makes high pitched sounds, which are normally difficult to hear even with amplification, more audible.   more

UltraZoom Essential

In noisy situations with several people talking around you, activate the UltraZoom program to zoom to the voices coming from the font. Noise from the side and back is reduced.  more

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