Understanding wireless technology

FM technology refers to a type of wireless system that helps people better understand speech in noisy situations. FM systems commonly work together with a user’s hearing aids, although systems are also available for those with otherwise normal hearing (such as people who suffer from APD, ADHD etc.).

An FM system works like this:

  • The person speaking wears or holds a transmitter microphone, or the transmitter is placed in the middle of the group (picking up speech from all around).
  • Using harmless radio waves, the FM system sends speech signal(s) to the listener, who wears a tiny FM receiver behind the ear.

(FM receivers can be attached to any hearing aid, while standalone iSense receivers are available for people with otherwise normal hearing).

About FM systems

  • FM systems can transmit through objects
  • Unlike infrared systems, FM systems operate as effectively in sunlight as they do indoors
  • FM systems do not require any installation

Understanding FM movie

Learn how Phonak’s Dynamic FM technology helps children hear better in noisy classrooms.