Nothing less than the very best

SmartLink+ is the Dynamic FM transmitter of choice for those who want nothing less than the very best: in meetings, when it is noisy, over distances, at home and at work, in the car and in the mall, on the cellphone, face-to-face, even when watching TV or listening to music. In short: SmartLink+ is the Rolls Royce of the hearing industry.


“Having a profound hearing loss has never been easy; and I have had hearing instruments and FM systems for as long as I can remember. My girlfriend Kelly is a great help and thinks I can go to college. Like her, I want to study medicine, and I know there are a few other doctors with a profound hearing loss that they’ve had since childhood.

Thanks to the SmartLink+ I’m starting to believe I can do it, because this product is just amazing - I can hear and understand much more. It’s so cool to hear Kelly on the phone. I know for others that might be something completely normal, but for me it’s a completely new world.”