Dynamic FM for users who do not wear hearing instruments

Hear better, feel good!

iSense Micro is the first Dynamic FM receiver to be designed for customers who do not wear hearing instruments.


iSense receivers are aimed at those who experience speech comprehension problems, particularly in noisy environments.

iSense provides excellent sound quality, is extremely user-friendly, and automatically adjusts the volume in noisy environments, thus ensuring optimum hearing performance and unparalleled user comfort.


iSense Micro

This receiver resembles a tiny Bluetooth headset. It features small and stylish behind-the-ear housing that is light and comfortable to wear. The system is available in various colors to suit different users’ tastes. iSense Micro is fully automatic and tamperproof.

Its miniaturized, high-tech design makes iSense Micro the ideal product for customers seeking a discreet and trendy solution.

Colors # iSense micro

Successful iSense Communicators

Scott Andrews, 15 (APD)


Matthew Roberts, 37 (Unilateral hearing loss)


Lisa, 5, speech-language difficulties with history of Otitis Media


Anna, 8 (non-native learner)


Susanne Rosenberg, 71 (stroke-inflicted speech-language difficulties)


Christopher Anderson, 10 (Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder)


Jack Sanders, 48 (minimal hearing loss)


Sam Lewis, 8 (Autism Spectrum Disorder)


Rebecca Woods, 52 (Multiple Sclerosis)