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Understand Better Wherever You Go

Our newest hearing aids are designed to allow you to not only hear, but also understand better in practically every situation, no matter how challenging.

Phonak Audéo Q - available in three different discreet models that virtually disappear behind the ear, all offering leading performance.

Phonak Bolero Q - available in a range of styles, including a water and dust resistant model for added confidence in active situations.

Phonak Baseo Q - offers a perfect balance between performance and affordability. Colors designed to match hair and skin tones.

Phonak Virto Q - individually crafted to fit perfectly and comfortably in your ears, ranging in size from small to invisible.

Phonak Tao Q - worn discreetly inside the ear. Offers excellent sound quality at a remarkably affordable price.

Phonak Naída Q - the power family, designed for people with significant hearing loss, helps you hear and understand in even the toughest listening environments.

Phonak Sky Q- built on the latest technology offering one-of-a-kind features that support better hearing and understanding in 4 models and 3 performance levels.

Phonak Wireless Accessories

Modern hearing aid technology makes hearing and understanding in most situations enjoyable. But in certain challenging listening situations, hearing aids might need an extra boost.

That’s where the Phonak Wireless Communication Portfolio of useful add-ons to your hearing aids comes in.

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Modern hearing aids are true miracles of technology. But they can only work properly for you, if they are perfectly adjusted to your individual hearing loss. During the adjustment phase, your hearing care professional will support you.

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