Phonak Naída™ Bluetooth® Marvel Hearing Aids

Phonak Naída™ Marvel

The hearing aid with powerful, rich sound featuring hands-free calls, Bluetooth® streaming and maximum reliability.

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    Powerful, rich sound

    Enjoy better speech understanding in noise and over distance with Roger1, and less listening effort in noise2. Be amazed at how reliably your hearing aids deliver the power needed to manage your hearing loss.

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    Connects to smartphones, TV and more

    Connect directly to either your iOS or Android  smartphone or other Bluetooth® enabled devices. Enjoy hands-free calls, TV, music, e-books, podcasts and more.

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    Naída is the most trusted power hearing aid3 with an IP68 rated water and dust resistance.

myPhonak app

Personalize your hearing experience and fine-tune your hearing aids with the advanced Remote Control function and more.

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Roger™ microphones

Roger is the optimal solution to improve speech understanding in loud noise and over distance.1 It now streams directly to your Marvel hearing aids.4

Roger™ Microphones Connect to Marvel Hearing Aids

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Available in a range of colors, so your Naída Marvel hearing aid is as unique as you are

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Silver Gray

Choose a Hearing Aid Color

Silver Gray ( P6)


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Phonak Naída M-SP BTE Hearing Aid

Naída M-SP


Roger microphones

Boost your hearing performance in noisy environments such as restaurants, meetings, work and school.

Remote Support

Give your hearing care professional the ability to customize your personal listening experience in real-time.

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1 Thibodeau, L. (2014). Comparison of speech recognition with adaptive digital and FM wireless technology by listeners who use hearing aids. American Journal of Audiology, 23(2), 201-210
2 Winneke, A., Schulte, M. & Latzel, M. (2019). The effect of spatial noise processing in hearing aids on neural correlates of listening and memory effort: an EEG study. Manuscript in preparation. Expected beginning of 2020.
3 Taphuntsang, D. (2017) Market Research ID 924. Please contact if you are interested in further information. Based on Customer Satisfaction Survey 2017
4 RogerDirect™ requires the installation of Roger receivers into the Phonak hearing aids.