Phonak: 40 years of connecting children to the world

Staefa, Switzerland
Phonak: 40 years of connecting children to the world

Millions of children with hearing loss have benefited from dedicated pediatric solutions.  

Phonak today launches the new pediatric marketing campaign “40 years of connecting children to the world”. Over the last four decades, Phonak has been committed to supporting children with hearing loss to reach their full potential. Continuous close collaboration with hearing care professionals, researchers, children and their families, teachers and a dedicated team, has led to the development of hearing aids like Naída and Nios that have improved the lives of millions of children worldwide.  

Unique and scientifically proven Phonak features and technologies such as SoundRecover and Dynamic FM enable unparalleled hearing performance for children of all ages. Robustness and dependable resistance to water, sweat and dirt provide children with maximum flexibility in everyday life.

Dedication and long standing expertise in pediatric audiology, shared with professionals and experts worldwide, have led to a concise and highly performing pediatric product portfolio, enabling children of all ages to realize their full potential. Landmark features and technologies like SoundRecover and Dynamic FM combined with child-friendly and robust housings result in hearing aids that respect a child’s everyday needs.

SoundRecover – one of the industry’s most researched features

Consistent access to all sounds is required to develop age-appropriate speech and language capabilities. Numerous clinical and peer reviewed studies, over the past six years, have shown that children who use SoundRecover demonstrate substantial improvements in speech recognition and production. The unique Phonak feature allows them to hear more and understand better, and therefore successfully learn and interact with the world around them.

Dynamic FM – significant improvement of understanding speech in noise by up to 50%

The industry-leading proprietary Dynamic FM from Phonak helps to optimally overcome the challenges that noise, distance and reverberation pose for children with a hearing loss.

Various peer-reviewed studies have shown that with Dynamic FM, children will benefit from up to 50% improvement of understanding speech compared to all other FM systems. Children no longer have to miss out – even in the most demanding listening situations.

“We at Phonak have always shown an immense dedication to the pediatric population. Innovations such as SoundRecover and Dynamic FM have literally changed the lives of millions of hearing impaired children around the globe”, says Angela Pelosi, Head of Pediatrics at Phonak. “These results are the best motivation for us to keep improving our products and services.”

Phonak Nios S H2O has been designed for mild to severe hearing loss; Naída S SuperPower (SP) and UltraPower (UP) are suitable for moderately-severe to profound hearing loss. These three models enable children of all ages with mild to profound hearing loss to optimally develop their speech and language capabilities.

All Phonak pediatric hearing aids and FM systems have been designed with a child’s sense of adventure in mind. They feature dependable resistance to water, sweat and dirt, and offer children maximum flexibility combined with superior hearing performance.