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Roger On: MultiBeam 2.0 Technology

What is Multibeam 2.0 Technology? How do I enable it? Which hearing aids are compatible? Why is Multibeam 2.0 Technology not working with hearing aids that do not support Roger Direct?
MultiBeam 2.0 technology enable the user to hear from what direction someone is talking when they place the Roger On in the center of a table. For best results, make sure the USB port of Roger On is facing you when placed on the table. To use MultiBeam 2.0 Technology the user must have a pair of hearing aids with Roger Direct and the myRogerMic app. In the app under ‘settings’ you can then enable MultiBeam 2.0 Technology. MultiBeam 2.0 will then be activated when you lock your Roger On in table mode. 

IMPORTANT: Do not activate Multibeam 2.0 if you only use one hearing aid. It may reduce the hearing performance of your hearing aid.
MultiBeam 2.0 technology works only with hearing aids that support RogerDirect because it requires a stereo stream and therefore left and right indication. Only RogerDirect knows to which side the hearing aids are fitted to. Other receivers do not have side indication.