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How to use myPhonak Health with Paradise and Lumity rechargeable hearing aids?

To access Health section, tap on the heart symbol in the app navigation. With Paradise and Lumity rechargeable hearing aids there is access to the following health data:
1. Wearing time 
•  detailed wearing time on the left and right hearing aid 
•  wearing time in different acoustic environments 
•  optional goal setting
2. Steps*
•  how many steps were made daily/weekly/monthly or annually 
•  physical activity levels 
•  distance walked or run (only for Audéo Lumity hearing aids)
•  optional goal setting

*To access live Steps in the Health section, compatible Audéo P, Naida P and Virto P wearers need to update to the latest firmware version. If the hearing aids are eligible for this update there will be a notice in myPhonak. Live steps instead of dashes will be shown as soon as the hearing aids are updated. 
Hearing aids not eligible for the update (Naida P-PR) would only have access to hourly updates visible in the step graphs.