4 tips for finding a hearing care provider

You’ve started thinking that you might need to see someone about your hearing loss issues. You’re always asking people to repeat themselves oryou realize you are missing important parts of conversations. Maybe your friends or spouse has suggested that you need to get your hearing checked.  

No matter the reasons why you’re looking for a hearing care provider, congratulations! Looking for a provider and a solution is a great step toward experiencing a better quality of life. You’ll be able to be more involved in conversations, you won’t ask “What did you say?” as often, you’ll be able to enjoy music and television more, and you’ll hear it when someone talks about your birthday present.

However, there might be one more hurdle holing you back: How to find a great hearing care provider. According to Brandy Heckroodt, Au.D., Phonak Manager, Clinical Training, there are four important expectations when looking for a hearing care provider.

A great hearing provider:

  1. Includes your family in the discussion, as those around you share in the burden of hearing loss. In addition, they might be able to provide important information that you aren’t aware of, since a person sometimes isn’t aware of everything they’re missing.
  2. Provides a full battery of hearing test, including speech testing and possibly speech-in-noise testing. You can ask what tests the provider will perform when you call to inquire about an appointment.
  3. Will appropriately verify your hearing devices, both current and future, ideally using Real Ear equipment. This ensures that the hearing aids are providing the appropriate amplification for your ears and hearing loss.
  4. Has a good reputation. So, don’t hesitate to ask your doctors, talk to friends who are happy with their hearing instruments and care, and read online reviews, such as on Facebook and Yelp.

“Once you find a great provider,” Heckroodt said, “be sure they take a full case history and determine what your listening needs are. They will tailor a solution based on what is right for you, your hearing loss and your hearing needs to get you back on track.”

Ready to see what your options are? Make a list of qualified providers in your area by by filling out the form below clicking on the Find a Provider link above. Then start asking around and reaching out to find the hearing care provider who is a great fit for your situation and your needs.

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