Using Phonak DECT home phone

How it works
The phone signal is sent wirelessly to both hearing aids in digital quality and the hearing aids automatically switch to the phone program. The phone supports the international DECT standard (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telephone).


The phone consists of a handset and the base belonging to it. The initial setup of the DECT home phone can be described in a few quick steps.

Open Quick Guide for installation details (Downloads).


  1. Volume control
  2. Volume boost. Press 2 sec. = Hearing aid test
  3. Hands-free on/off
  4. Talk/call repeat
  5. Press 2 sec. = Call voicebox
  6. Press 2 sec. = Ringer on/off
  7. Press 2 sec. = Keypad lock on/off
  8. Navigation keys
  9. End call/Back. Press 2 sec. = Phone on/off
  10. Function key
  11. Context menu
  12. Indicator light

Main Functions

Testing the connection to the hearing aid
A demo function can be used to test the connection to the hearing aids . A recorded message will be played and wirelessly transmitted to the hearing aids.

Simply hold the handset near the hearing aid while using the telephone (max. 25 cm / 10” away).

Making a call
Wireless transmission of the phone call is only possible to Phonak hearing aids. No special configuration is needed for the hearing aid or the phone.

The DECT home phone can be used for regular phone calls also without connection to hearing aids.

Transferring existing contacts
If you already have a DECT-compatible cordless phone, it should be possible to transfer the contact data to the Phonak DECT home phone.