Versatility. Connectivity. More Hearing.

Versáta Art wearers will benefit from the expanded audibility and enhanced speech intelligibility provided by SoundRecover.Versáta Art employs SoundFlow Advanced, the exclusive three base-blending functionality that offers smooth, seamless transitions between an infinite number of optimized, situation specific listening programs. more.

Versáta Art product family

Versáta Art is available in 15 styles, ranging from tiny CICs to a choice of BTEs. For color ranges see Styles.

Versáta Art fitting range

The Versáta Art fitting range covers mild to profound hearing losses, regardless of audiometric configurations.

Claus-Peter Reichel about Accessories

"Our experiences with iCom are positive and it is a great addition to the high-quality hearing systems. It could even be used more frequently. I think that we simply have to offer the accessories more frequently, and let the customer decide."

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