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The new premium product family raises the industry-benchmark once again. Exélia Art redefines excellence in terms of hearing performance, connectivity and choice. Exélia Art features SoundRecover, which restores high frequency hearing, DuoPhone, a peerless telephone solution, ZoomControl with DirectTouch, and more.

Exélia Art product family

Exélia Art is available in 15 styles, ranging from tiny CICs to a choice of BTEs. New: Exélia Art is available in micro Petite and In-the-Canal Half Shell Power (ITC/HS P) models. For color ranges see Styles.

Exélia Art fitting range

The Exélia Art fitting range covers mild to profound hearing losses, regardless of audiometric configurations.

Craig Kasper about Phonak Accessories

"I demonstrated the iCom to a patient that spends a lot of time on her mobile phone. Within a short period of time and some adjustments she couldn’t picture her life without this device."

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