Making any conversation easier to follow

Ultra-simple to understand and use, the EasyLink+ is an effective, single-button Dynamic FM microphone.

With just one press for On/Off switching and a fixed microphone beam setting, EasyLink+ offers the crystal-clear performance benefits of Dynamic FM, in addition to Phonak’s protective SoftLanding technology, the ability to plug into a TV, PC or other audio device for effective wireless listening, and super-quick battery charging.


“Music was never really important in our family, because we all have some form of hearing loss. But my granddaughter Michelle plays the flute. She has normal hearing and seems to be the only one with any musical talent. I listened to her first concert using my EasyLink+. No words can express what that meant to me, seeing her on stage and being able to hear every note so perfectly.”


EasyLink+ can overcome distance, noise and reverberation, making any conversation so much easier to follow