FM Transmitters

Discover Dynamic FM

Phonak’s Dynamic FM wireless transmitter microphones offer adults, children and teachers improved sound quality and unrivalled features.

Designed for all types of listening environment – from the home or classroom to restaurants, outside and even in the car - Dynamic FM transmitters are built using cutting-edge FM technology, very easy-to-use and fully backwards-compatible with traditional FM systems.


inspiro is a Dynamic FM transmitter for teachers and suitable for use in regular and special schools.  more


An advanced Dynamic FM transmitter for teenagers and adults, featuring 3 microphone modes (SuperZoom, Zoom and Omni), Bluetooth connectivity and hearing instrument remote control.  more


A versatile Dynamic FM transmitter for teenagers and adults, featuring 3 microphone modes, audio input and SoftLanding technology.  more


An easy-to-use Dynamic FM transmitter for teenagers and adults, featuring a single Zoom microphone mode (configurable by the hearing professional), audio input and SoftLanding technology.  more


DynaMic is the passaround microphone for use with inspiro and the MultiTalker Network.  more

inspiro audioHub

inspiro audioHub allows you to easily play one or two audio sources through a Dynamic SoundField DigiMaster loudspeaker, transmit to any Phonak FM receivers in the room, or both simultaneously.  more


A wide area FM transmitter, ideal for large indoor spaces such as auditoriums, lecture rooms and houses of worship.  more

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FM Testimonial

This year, for three months, six students in my class were lucky enough to use Phonak Dynamic FM systems during the school day.

Through using these systems we noted an extraordinarily improved sense of well-being in the children; they could hear me even when I wasn't in the same physical environment.

The most striking changes that I saw, thanks to the FM systems, were: better following of instructions, improved oral presentations in class and significant advances in auditory skills, both in terms of perceived vowels and consonants. It would be an excellent opportunity if everyone could use this technology.

The benefits I observed as a teacher were that I didn’t have to raise my voice to speak, as this equipment allowed me to talk in a voice without extra effort. I was also able to speak from anywhere in the classroom even when the students weren’t located in front of me, which helped ensure uninterrupted communication.

Leny Ulloa
Teacher of 1st grade grade (children of 7-8 years of age)
Lima, Peru