Using Phonak ComPilot

How it works
The ComPilot connects all Phonak wireless hearing aids to mobile phones or other Bluetooth enabled devices for speech or audio.


Getting to know the ComPilot

ComPilot elements.  more

Getting Started

How to charge ComPilot and how to turn it on.  more

How to wear ComPilot

Wearing the ComPilot correctly.  more

Daily Use

Using ComPilot for phone calls

ComPilot connects to a cell phone wirelessly for hassle free phone use.  more

Using ComPilot as a remote control

The built-in remote control is designed for maximum impact and ease of use.  more

Using the ComPilot as an audio streamer

Stream audio wirelessly to the hearing instruments from the audio source, e.g. MP3 player.

Using the ComPilot with Roger / FM

ComPilot is compatible with the Phonak Roger / FM technology, providing the benefit of receiving the Roger / FM signal simultaneously in both ears.  more

Using ComPilot with a computer / laptop

Connect the Phonak ComPilot easily to the computer for Skype calls or listening to music through the hearing aids.  more

Using ComPilot with a business desk phone

Connect your Phonak ComPilot easily to your desk phone by using the desk phone to Bluetooth adapter set. It offers maximum understanding of phone calls with your hearing aids.  more

ComPilot indicator lights

The indicator lights provide helpful information.  more


The ComPilot is able to tell you the name of the caller, inform you about the different operation modes and status of the ComPilot and about a low ComPilot battery.  more