Small design and best performance

No matter how small, the size of a hearing instrument should never compromise a child's hearing experience. The new Nios S H2O combines the smallest design with the best possible performance. It provides effortless hearing in a WaterResistant micro BTE design.

Performance Advanced
Performance Standard
Degree of hearing loss

Nios S H2O Styles & Colors

Nios S H2O is available in 17  colors


Choose to be connected
With Phonak wireless accessories, multimedia entertainment and communication is much more fun. TV, telephone, MP3 player, GPS and computers can be enjoyed effortlessly.

This is a list of available accessories and FM systems for the Phonak pediatric Portfolio.

Dynamic FM – for difficult listening environments

Dynamic FM provides exceptional clarity when your child needs to communicate in difficult listening environments like lively classrooms or busy public places. It also helps where your child doesn’t face the speaker such as in the car or in the stroller.

Phonak ComPilot – connecting to a wireless world

As they grow up, children increasingly use telephones, computers, MP3 players and game consoles. ComPilot is the ideal Bluetooth communication interface that lets your child enjoy these devices wirelessly.

Phonak TVLink S – easy watching with StereoSound

Children love TV, and this dedicated TV solution, combined with ComPilot, offers them an exceptional listening experience. Phonak TVLink S easily connects your child’s hearing aids to the TV via Bluetooth, with StereoSound quality.

Nios S H2O fitting range

The Nios S H2O fitting range is for mild to severe hearing loss

Nios S H2O - Key Features & Benefits

Sound Recover

Gives more high frequency audibility.  more

Whistle Block

First for feedback cancellation.  more


A "perfect companion" around water or dust, no matter what, where or when.  more


Directional microphone technology reinvented.  more


For more demanding and fast-changing environments.  more

Real Ear Sound

Natural ear acoustics.  more