What Users Say

Dynamic SoundField by Phonak has been used in numerous schools around the world since well before its global launch. Just scroll down the page to read what teachers and audiological experts have to say about the system.

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Feedback from teachers

“Dynamic SoundField has been wonderful. The students are really staying focused during lessons and when I forget to turn it back on they are quick to remind me. I think this is the best system I have had the opportunity to use over my 20 years teaching” – Sarah Daoust, elementary school teacher, Michigan, USA

“This Phonak system is fabulous and so much better than the other three I’ve used! With Dynamic SoundField the students are more attentive and able to stay on task, plus my voice feels less stressed so after school I am less tired” - Lynn West, Special Education Teacher, Bulman Elementary School, Redford, MI, USA

"With Dynamic SoundField in class I feel very relaxed and have not had to use my voice above conversation pitch. If I compare that to teaching in another classroom where I have to raise my voice, physically I felt different." - Jenny Lanigan, teacher, Farnham Primary School, Bradford, West Yorkshire

“Dynamic SoundField is simply the best classroom system I’ve ever used. It’s easy to use, and has that great dual mode for FM and soundfield so it’s really good for all teachers” - Martha Soraruf, teacher, MacGowen Elementary School, Redford, USA

“I loved Dynamic SoundField, it’s amazing and I don’t know what I’ll do with out it! It really focused all the students and the passaround DynaMics were very beneficial to our hearing impaired children; they struggled to hear much less when this mic was used” - Kristin Strain (trial user), Teacher, David Ellis Academy, Redford, MI,USA

“I love Dynamic SoundField. It has been my dream to have something like this in my classroom!” - Shawn Staff, Teacher, Bulman Elementary School, Redford, MI, USA

“I am happy using Dynamic SoundField and the children enjoy me using it too. I like that Akib, a hearing impaired child in my class, has had the device tuned to his frequency level so I no longer need to wear his Phonak FM transmitter at the same time. I also like the sound from the interactive whiteboard since it has been connected to Dynamic SoundField.” - Leanne Towers, teacher, Farnham Primary School, Bradford, West Yorkshire

“I really like this system and don’t want it to go away! It was great to know the students could hear me and my voice could relax” - Sheri Burns (trial user), Teacher, Redford Union High School, Redford, MI, USA

“Using Dynamic SoundField in the classroom has enhanced the teaching and learning experience. The students enjoy using it when reciting their "When I Grow Up" speeches. The system also helps the students focus on instruction. It is such a useful teaching tool” – Beth Ann Wilson, teacher, Michigan, USA

“I like the way Dynamic SoundField’s microphone sounds better than any other soundfield system I’ve used. I don’t use my other soundfield system any more because it sounds bad and has dead spots. With Phonak’s system the attention and listening of the students improved and I liked the natural sound of my voice” - Stacey Pace, Teacher, MacGowen Elementary School, Redford, MI, USA

Feedback from experts

“The performance of Dynamic SoundField is phenomenal. It has the capability of delivering crystal clear voices throughout the room, great battery life, and a static-free environment. Its set-up process is also very easy; just a few presses of the buttons and you’re ready to go. What more could a teacher want from a soundfield system?” - Chris Abston, Assistive Technology Technician, Redford Union Schools, Redford, MI, USA

“Voice communication is of paramount importance in education and more generally when training or presenting to a group of people. Unfortunately, very often, the acoustic conditions where these types of activities take place negatively affect the transmission quality of speech, not only in terms of intelligibility but also prosody and respect for the personality of speaker and the special relationship that is established between him and each of his listeners.

“Dynamic Sound Field provides an elegant solution that is efficient, ergonomic and easy to implement. In my opinion it is certainly the best system and promises a bright future” - Dr. Mario Rossi, Prof. Honorary EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland.

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