Phonak’s engineers and audiologists designed Dynamic SoundField to address each of today’s amplification challenges. The outcome is a system that helps students hear the teacher's voice more easily than ever before, that teachers love due to its ease of use, and that technical staff appreciate for its outstanding sound quality and instant FM compatibility.

Unique ‘line source’ loudspeaker unit

Phonak’s DigiMaster loudspeaker array offers high directionality
and creates far less problematic reverberation than any existing
soundfield system. The DigiMaster transmits a clean, high quality signal using just one or two loudspeakers per class (depending on room size).

Fully automated settings

Dynamic SoundField removes potential teacher confusion by continually monitoring and automatically adjusting its frequency settings and volume levels. By measuring the room’s actual noise level, and optimizing its own settings, Dynamic SoundField provides optimal Signal to Noise Ratios (SNRs) – integrating the acoustical expertise previously found only in textbooks into the world’s first intelligent soundfield product anyone can use. Just plug in, turn on and teach.

Digital sound quality

Dynamic SoundField digitally transmits its signals, automatically changing frequencies when required in order to eliminate potential interference caused by a building’s existing WiFi and Bluetooth networks. The system does not need to operate on a particular channel, there are no sound ‘dead spots’, pairing transmitter and loudspeaker is simple, and there is no limit to the number of license-free systems that can be used on one site.

Reassuringly future-ready

Dynamic SoundField is 100% future-proof as both its inspiro
transmitter microphone and DigiMaster loudspeaker unit
feature USB connectors for downloading free internet updates.

Suits every listener

Should your audience include hearing-impaired students who use Phonak personal FM systems, Dynamic SoundField microphones (inspiro and/or DynaMic) can transmit to these listeners at the same time as amplifying speech to those with normal hearing. The result? Everyone can hear, no matter what their hearing level.