Versáta Art - FM Solutions

A Phonak FM bridges the gap - When it comes to understanding speech in noise or from a distance, nothing beats the performance of an FM system, that transmits sound directly from source to ear. It consists of an FM microphone (transmitter) and one or two FM receivers.Dynamic FM, the global standard in FM technology, is now available in three new transmitters for adults and teenagers: SmartLink+, ZoomLink+ and EasyLink+.

FM Transmitters

Phonak’s range of user-friendly FM transmitter microphones includes models designed for use at home and others for use in school. Learn about all these transmitters  here


inspiro is a Dynamic FM transmitter for teachers and suitable for use in regular and special schools.  more

FM Receivers

Phonak’s FM and Dynamic FM receivers work with virtually all hearing aid brands and models, while our iSense receivers have been designed for customers who don’t wear hearing aids and have otherwise normal hearing. Explore all these receivers  here


The new ML12i, is the beautifully design-integrated MicroLink receiver for the Phonak CORE micro hearing instruments.

Explore the sound with Dynamic FM!