Discover the world’s best solution for one-sided hearing loss

Phonak CROS can be a satisfying solution for you, if you have hearing in one ear only, regardless of whether you have a hearing loss in this ear or not. 

CROS solution

When your better ear hears normally (CROS)

The transmitter placed behind or inside your poorer ear, picks up sound and transmits it wirelessly to the normal hearing ear. The hearing in your good ear will remain natural and completely unaffected.

BiCROS solution

When you have a hearing loss in your better ear (BiCROS)

The transmitter placed behind or inside your poorer ear, picks up sound and transmits it wirelessly to the better hearing ear. At the same time, the receiving hearing aid also serves as an amplifier improving hearing in that ear.

Phonak CROS is superbly versatile. It can be mixed and matched with almost any wireless Phonak Quest or Spice+ hearing aid.  more

Styles & Colors

Phonak CROS

Phonak CROS is the smallest wireless CROS system. It is available in an award-winning behind the ear style or as a discreet custom in the ear. Vibrant? Discreet? The Phonak CROS Transmitters are available in different colors.  See the available colors


Choose convenient control:

Phonak ComPilot

Phonak ComPilot - the smart 3-in-1 accessory
Phonak ComPilot is your perfect 3-in-1 companion, offering true convenience, wireless freedom and the reassurance of VoiceAlerts. ComPilot provides easy wireless access to TVs, MP3 players and phones to name but a few. The built-in remote control is designed for ease of use with convenient program and volume changes.  more

Phonak TVLink S

Phonak TVLink S - the ideal TV experience
Phonak TV Link S is a dedicated TV solution. Combined with the ComPilot it offers a terrific listening experience. The extremely fast transmission from your TV to your hearing aids in stereo provides excellent sound quality. Plus, its easy one-step set-up means that the TVLink S and ComPilot are ready to go in less than 60 seconds!  more

Phonak PilotOne

PilotOne focuses on the essentials when it comes to discreet control, clever simplicity and user-friendly ergonomic design.  more


myPilot is a remote control with a color LCD display. It is a great choice for users who want access to a multitude of functions, including status information. It can be automized depending on your needs.  more

Phonak CROS fitting range

Fitting range of the better ear from normal hearing to a profound hearing loss.

Features & Benefits

Hearing delight without compromise:

WaterResistant - Phonak CROS H2O

Together with a WaterResistant Phonak hearing aid the Phonak CROS H2O gives you the freedom to enjoy your favorite activities with great confidence. 

Be it around water, on the beach, working out, in the rain or if you simply forget to take your system off to take a shower, there is no need to worry.

Real Ear Sound

Simulating natural ear acoustics

The sound from the Phonak CROS Transmitter is simulated to have traveled through the whole ear and ear canal.  more


Adapting to changing environments

Enjoy real time and automatic optimization to changing environments.  more

Signal alerts

Full confidence

Be alert to an unlikely event of a connection interruption or low batteryof your Phonak CROS Transmitter.


One-touch synchronization

Synchronizes volume or program settings with one touch either on the Phonak CROS Transmitter or hearing aid.  more