MyLink - universal FM receiver

Bringing FM to T-coil hearing instrument users

MyLink is a universal, multi-frequency neckloop FM receiver, which can be used with any hearing instrument that features a T-coil (including custom products).

Thanks to MyLink, more people than ever before can enjoy better hearing - at family gatherings, at the dinner table, in noisy situations, and when watching television.

MyLink’s features include:

  • Smart Noise Blocker - This exclusive Phonak innovation improves FM sound quality where it needs to be improved: at the receiver side. It also reduces the FM receiver’s output when no useful signal is present.
  • Soft squelch & sleep mode - When the FM transmitter in use is switched off, MyLink does not hiss because it is also switched off, by a soft squelch. If the transmitter remains turned off for more than 40 seconds, MyLink goes into sleep mode.
  • FM demonstration function - headphones can be connected to MyLink to help acousticians demonstrate the benefits of FM to decision makers with normal hearing.

MyLink features

  • State-of-the art, digital synthesizer, multi-frequency FM receiver
  • Compatible with all T-coil hearing instruments
  • Compatible with all Phonak transmitters
  • Automatic or Direct Frequency Synchronization
  • Save to and read information from receiver
  • Headphone output for listeners with normal hearing

Note: Phonak FM systems are not compatible with FM products from other manufacturers.

Irv and his MyLink/ZoomLink

Irving Manassee from Colorado, USA, explains how MyLink and ZoomLink changed his life.


I am an 90 year old man who has worn hearing aids for a long time.

I always struggled to understand what people were talking about or saying to me. I was missing conversations and was unable to join in, whether at a restaurant, family get-together, or on the golf course.

Recently however the Veterans Administration Hospital in Denver, Colorado, fitted me with a Phonak MyLink/ZoomLink system, and my life has been transformed. A new, wonderful dimension has been added; I am no longer out of it. I can participate.

Irving Manassee

Aurora, Colorado





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